Et voilà ! Spelling Teacher now supports French and Spanish spelling. Use our online form to create the lesson, select the language and listen to Alexa reading the words and spelling words in these new languages. This option is available to our premium users.

Our first skill has finally been approved and published... it is available on the Alexa Skills list: click here and enable it for your Amazon Alexa

Once this step is completed, simply tell Alexa to Ask Spelling Teacher to start a new lesson !

This Alexa skill is the only one of a kind and allows you to add your own lesson from your mobile phone or PC. Ask Spelling Teacher to add a new lesson to immediately receive the link in your mailbox. It's easy ... Try it and let us know your opinion here. Any help or tips needed ? See there. Enjoy !

We have finally submitted our first skill for certification !

This application allows parents to enter the spelling list for their students, and Alexa will help with spelling the words.

The skill provides the capability to spell the word, listen to the words sorted in alphabetical order, or even to verify what position the word has once the list is sorted. This unique capability will help you verify the work of your student in seconds and ensure high quality work.

 Below are screenshots of what the Skill page in the companion app will look like. We will provide updates once the certification process has completed.


Thanks to a number of people and companies that have authorized us to use their work: